Bare metal and cloud. Simplified.

Trusted by teams of all sizes

We are confident in our infrastructure.


So confident that we will compensate you for any downtime, subject to terms and conditions.

Seamlessly manage your infrastructure

We invest in making sure your experience working with our offerings is as seamless as possible. 

Spool up servers quickly and efficiently with our infrastructure, at a fraction of the cost of other providers.

Rapid Deployment

Quickly scale your servers by spooling up additional nodes on demand, with support for custom images to accelerate deployment

Lightning Fast

With modern hardware and maintenance, we boast high clock rates suitable for game servers and other intensive applications


Our servers use redundant storage in a RAID 1 configuration by default to give you peace of mind in the event of any hardware failure

Automated Dashboard

We provide quick and easy dashboard usage, with fast access to firewalls, critical statistics, permissions systems and more

High Storage Capacity

We can support hundreds of terabytes of data with no problem at all, and if larger volumes are needed we are ready to assist

Experienced Support

We build and use the tooling on our platforms – whether setting up software or launching a product, reach out to our team

Automatic scaling & optimization

Are you building a SaaS or GaaS model? We can make the scaling side of that a breeze. Reach out to our team for access to our API for rapid scaling and deployment of nodes all over the world.

Designed for high-performance

Our infrastructure is used for live-ops (e.g. games servers, databases) and DevOps (e.g. CI/CD, source control). These demand fast, modern processors and reliable service, which we provide in all of our services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any free trials?

Provide your email and we’ll reach out for a short email or call consultation. After that if you fit our criteria, we’ll provide you with a discount code for a month of free service – you can cancel any time!

What forms of payment do you accept?

We use Stripe as our payment processor, so we support Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, American Express, JCB, UnionPay, PayPal and more!

For larger orders, we also support cheque / bank transfers.

Who is eligible for the free trial?

All businesses new to our platform are eligible! Our only requirement is a valid payment method to ensure no interruption to your service after your trial is over.

Are there any limitations with the free trial?

No – you have full access to whatever services you have been provided as a result of our consultation!

What are the terms of service for the free trial?

Our terms of service are available here. There are no special terms of service for this trial except that you are only eligible for one trial per business.

What do our users have to say?

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Melissa Hart

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Wade Warren

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Jacob Jones

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Julia Arthur

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Robert Fox

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